May 12, 2012

Stewardship: A Closer Look

Since stewardship seems to be on the Lord's mind so much these days, I thought it would be best for us to know His definition of stewardship; especially if we have to give an account of ourselves and all that we think, speak, and do. I found that many people look at stewardship much more passively than the Lord does. In fact, the dictionary definition shows it as simply maintaining or protecting what you already have. However, if we take a look at the Parable of the Talents, we see quite a different picture.

I'm sure you've heard the story, but here's the breakdown: Three dudes get varying amounts of monies from a man according to their ability. Sidenote: If Jesus is no respecter of persons then why is it according to ability? Because God is a good steward!! He's not going to lavish onto you things that you aren't ready for yet! The Lord is not wasteful! Anyway, so one guy gets, like, five dollars, another gets two, and the last one gets one dollar. The five-dollar-guy and the two-dollar-guy are awesome and double their money. And then there's that one-dollar-guy. Poor one-dollar-guy. He was all like, "Here's your dollar back!," and Master Jesus got a bit steamed and called him a "wicked and lazy servant."

I guess stewardship is not just maintaining and protecting what you have. Stewardship via the Jesus dictionary would mean to cultivate and multiply what you do have! That would mean we need to be doing something with the resources we have right now.  Maybe the wicked guy thought he would be smart and save his energy to multiply later once he got more money. No point in working hard over a dollar, right? Wrong. Except more people think that way than one might assume.

I once read that a millionaire isn't just someone who handles money well and budgets wisely. Instead, they look at the money they have and say, "How can I invest this so that I can get more money?" That principle is godly, and it reaches so far beyond finances and finite things. What are you doing with the level of Presence you've been given? What about the level of influence you have? The revelation He's shown you?  Don't wait until you have a big-paying job to work with excellence and seek promotion. Don't wait until you have more connections and confidence to see what you can do with your calling now. Don't wait until you have some lightning-bolt word from Heaven to witness to those around you. Don't just look at your one dollar as one dollar!! Look at it as potential to change the world!! Plant it in good soil, nurture it, and wait for the rain that comes in due season. Because that rain will come.

You serve a God of multiplication and increase, and if you will set your heart to do all things with excellence, He'll co-labor with you until you, little one, become a thousand. He stewards over you with all His might. He uproots you, plants you, prunes you, and waters you until you become like a tree that bears fruit in every season. Be a good steward, as He is a good steward. Come on! Let's do all things to give glory to Him who so deserves and to reap a harvest of souls this world has never seen!