May 5, 2012

Stewardship, Cultivation, and Multiplication

For all my seers out there, these words most likely aren't new to you for the month of May. While April 2012 was a month of positioning, May 2012 is about taking care of what we are already positioned in before He brings increase. We're in a season of preparing our fields for the rains to come. Have you noticed how spiritually charged the atmosphere has been!? There's a tension and an urgency to be in alignment, and proper alignment comes from proper stewardship. In short, there's no time to play games.

Stewardship, cultivation, and multiplication are three words that work together to bring about a harvest.  The harvest is our life goal, right? Why else are you on earth unless it's to know Him and make Him known? But His laborers have been weary; their focus strained and their schedules busy. However, right now there's a grace available for those who will simply position themselves to till the ground. So, what does that mean? Well, Micah Wood has this quote that puts it all into perspective:

“God is infinite, but [we] live in a finite world….If we try to be limitless in our endeavors then we’re going to run out of steam. But what’s so fascinating about God is that when we recognize how finite we are, when we recognize how limited we are, and we create boundaries on our own focus, then within our boundaries, His infinite resources come into play.”

Basically, we have a finite amount of resources (money, time, energy, connections, etc.) because we live in a finite world. However, when we recognize our limits and begin to steward over these areas with all our being, then that's where the supernatural multiplication comes. When we're faithful over these little, simple things, then He will make us rulers over much (Matthew 25:23).

It's that "much" that I'm looking forward to ruling over. I want a HUGE harvest! I want my vineyard to be BURSTING with colorful fruit and souls! But the size of my vineyard, and the size of the rain that comes, is dependent on my preparation. Let urgency be released to you:

 "If you're in the middle of preparation when He comes, you're too late." - Jason Armstrong

It's up to you! Will you heed the word and prepare for the rain to come? Or will the weight of the glory that's coming crush you in a flood because of your poor stewardship? He's coming in greater measure to those who will prepare.

[Further Reading: Hebrews 6:7-8, Psalm 72:6, Psalm 68:9, Ezekiel 34:26-27]